Use the Taxonomy

The current taxonomy 
You may access the current taxonomy ("EER-Taxonomy-Version-1.3") here: EER Taxonomy Version 1.3

Selecting keywords
You may select keywords from the taxonomy from the following "Keyword Finder"

Keyword Finder

Suggesting new keywords
You may propose new keywords at this link.

Guidelines for assigning keywords
Identify one or two keywords from each of the following three categories:

    1. Context/ focus / topic. This category involves the context and the background of the paper in terms of the body of knowledge in the field of engineering education. This category also involves the scale of the study (e.g. small group, department, society, multi or single institution), the population (e.g. students in different educational level, faculties/instructors, female/male), field of engineering education (e.g. mathematics, biology, life science, and technology studies), and the stage in education system (e.g. pre-college, graduate, professional development/performances).
    2. Purpose/ target / motivation. This category involves the purpose of the study, the motivation for doing it (e.g. diffusion, adoption), and the outcomes (e.g. communication skills, critical thinking, and scientific literacy).
    3. Research approach. This category involves the underlying theory that guides the work, as well as the research method and tools that are applied for the project (e.g. qualitative/quantitative analysis, interview, survey, focus group).